About Voices For Israel

Voices For Israel is an independent, non-profit organization that uses music to promote Jewish unity and solidarity with Israel and to raise much-needed funds to benefit charities in Israel.

Voices For Israel is not affiliated with any political movement or ideology in Israel. The artists who participate in our projects come together from all corners of the Jewish world because they agree with Voices For Israel's overriding central principle: to assist fellow Jews in need.

Donations are tax deductible pursuant to IRS code 501(c)(3).


Voices For Israel was conceived on a blustery Motzei Shabbat (Saturday night) in the winter of 2001. Jordan B. Gorfinkel and Beat’achon were set to perform in Cleveland, but right after Shabbat ended, the community learned of a suicide bombing in Jerusalem that had occurred that day, with many casualties. Beat’achon approached the rabbi of the shul where the concert was to take place, to ask if the show should still go on. The rabbi answered, absolutely — it is particularly at a time of tragedy that the community needs to come together.

The show went on and became an event of solidarity with Israel. The group concluded the evening with an impromptu vocal rendition of Hatikva, the Israeli national anthem. As Gorfinkel recalls, “A community member approached us after the show and urged us to record our Hatikva, saying that it is ‘exactly what the Jewish people need at this time.’”

Partnering with Jewish Music star performer and recording artist Yehuda!, Gorfinkel expanded the idea to encompass the broader Jewish music world. “Israel is hurting and I wanted to help,” he said, “but what could I do, an artist, living in America?” The answer was to use his creativity and contacts to rally what would become the largest gathering ever of Jewish Music stars, to benefit victims of terror in Israel.

Chazak Amenu - Chazak Amenu is the most ambitious Jewish Music project ever undertaken, bringing together over 50 Jewish music artists from throughout the broader Jewish community, joining their voices in a rousing demonstration of solidarity with Israel. The title track is the brand new solidarity anthem “Chazak Amenu: We Stand As One.” This stirring and heartwarming song beautifully combines the voices of over 50 contemporary Jewish Music recording artists and the lyrics powerfully evoke the enduring hope of all Jewish people for unity and peace.

One highlight of the album is Shir Lismoach: Malki’s Song,” written by Israeli teenager Malki Roth, just months before she was killed in the Jerusalem Sbarro restaurant terrorist bombing. The song was recorded specifically for Voices For Israel by a duo of American superstar Yehuda! and Israeli superstar Yishai Lapidot of Oif Simchas.

Another special feature on the “Voices For Israel” 2-CD set is the Chazak Amenu” video, an uplifting multimedia presentation interspersing the stars performing the song with vivid images of Israel. Gorfinkel said, “The purpose of the video, as with the song, is to remind us of why we love Israel, and to show the rest of the world just how beautiful is this flower in the desert.” The video is embedded on the first CD and should play in any computer.

Please visit the Voices For Israel: Chazak Amenu CD website for more information about the CD.

Keeping the Faith - In keeping with our mission to use music to bring together Jews of different backgrounds in order to benefit Israelis in need, Voices For Israel is proud to present our new album, “Keeping The Faith.” Co-produced by performing and recording superstar Sam Glaser, this new double CD and video is a natural second project, giving a voice to Jewish female vocal artists. All have donated their voices because of a shared vision and a desire to support an incredible cause.

For more information about the CD, please see our press release or visit the Voices For Israel: Keeping the Faith CD website.


Jordan B. Gorfinkel, Producer - Jordan B. Gorfinkel is a writer, cartoonist and musician who infuses his multimedia pursuits with Jewish themes and ethics. He draws “Everything’s Relative,” a four panel weekly comic strip, for several major Jewish newspapers in North America and Israel. Amongst his credits are running the Batman franchise for DC Comics and founding Superfellow of Jewish Impact Films in Hollywood. In music, Gorf is a producer/performer for Beat’achon and Kol Zimra, the popular Jewish A Cappella groups. He is married to Amy Burzinski and they have four children, Ashira, Eliana, Noam and Ori.

Ronnie Buchman-Schonzeit, Executive Director - Ronnie was born in Brooklyn and grew up on Long Island, New York. Photography and music have always been a part of her life. Her father, Sidney Buchman, a pharmacist and amateur photographer, gave her the gift of learning to “create something from nothing” which came from his patience, along with the darkroom’s magic. Her mother, Marilyn Weisman-Buchman, a special Ed teacher and tutor, gave her the gift of music. She taught her the art of balancing working out of the home and raising kids, in addition to feeding lots of people. Ronnie graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Rochester Institute of Technology and is a certified Biolomedical Photographer. Ronnie became involved in Voices For Israel out of her friendship with producer Jordan B. Gorfinkel, and a shared vision of uniting Jewish people of all backgrounds through music, in addition to creating something that didn't exist before. She lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with her kind and loving husband Andy Schonzeit. Her most creative ongoing project is the raising of her four children, Gabriel, Jeremy, Yael, and Jacob.

Leslie Rosen Stern, Marketing Consultant

Board of Directors

Voices For Israel is fortunate to have dedicated board members to guide the organization in realizing its philanthropic and inspirational goals.

  • Andrew W. Schonzeit
  • Reuben Taub
  • Ronnie Buchman-Schonzeit
  • Ronalee Galbut
  • Elissa Broad

Production Consultants

  • Yehuda!
  • Sam Glaser
  • Stephen Goldstein