Shir Lismoach:
Malki's Song

The life of Malka Chana Roth was an act of beauty - in all but its final moments. Malki was murdered at the age of fifteen in the Sbarro restaurant massacre in the heart of Jerusalem on August 9, 2001 (20 Menachem Av, 5761). Born in Melbourne, Australia, Malki was two years old when she settled in Jerusalem with her family, and thereafter never left Israel. Malki's music found its expression not only in the classical flute that she played beautifully, but also in the guitar which she taught herself. But it was in her care and concern for others that the music in Malki's soul became especially evident. Malki adored her youngest sister, whose severe disabilities make it impossible for her to communicate with the world. Malki's experience of living with, and loving, a blind and multi-handicapped sibling, was the impetus for her simple, practical acts of chessed and concern, at home and in the community - in her school and in her life as a leader in the Ezra youth movement. Malki's life and deeds inspired the formation of the Malki Foundation, dedicated to helping the disabled ( Everyone who knew Malki was warmed by her constant smile. May Malki's song, filled with optimism and joy, be an inspiration in these dark days filled with hatred, and show us light.
Arnold Roth (Malki's Father) - Israel, Elul 5763

The song was recorded especially for VOICES FOR ISRAEL featuring the trans-Atlantic duo of American superstar Yehuda! and Israeli superstar Yishay Lapidot.

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