Executive Producer:
Ronnie Buchman Schonzeit

Produced by:
Sam Glaser & Jordan B. Gorfinkel

Associate Producer: Sarri Singer
Assistant Producer: Peretz Cik

Video Directed by: Mia Euton-Goldstein & Stephen Goldstein

Production Design: Tzipora Ginzberg, Thumper Media
Front Cover Design: Zatar Creative

Production Consultants:
Leslie Ginsparg, Marcia Glaser, Amy Burzinski Gorfinkel, Leslie Rosen Stern

Executive Consultants:
Andrew Schonzeit, Yehuda!, Meir Weingarten, Barry Cik

“Keeping the Faith” written by Stacy Beyer
“Land of Your Heart” written by Beth Schafer

Website Design: Tzipora Ginzberg, Thumper Media

Booklet & Video Photography Courtesy of:
Gorftext Productions Inc., ©State Of Israel National Photo Collection, ©Nefesh B’Nefesh, ©El Al Israel Airlines, ©NASA, ©Hadassah Hospital, Malka (Max) Turk and Private Collections

KEEPING THE FAITH would not have been possible without:
Ronnie & Andrew Schonzeit; Hindy & Reuben Taub;
Ronalee & Russell Galbut; Blair & Elizabeth Axel;
Raquel & Howard Schraub; Nancy & Darren Melamed;
Marcia, Max, Jesse and Sarah Lena Glaser;
Amy, Ashira, Eliana, Noam & Ori Gorfinkel;
and Gabriel, Jeremy, Yael and Jacob Schonzeit